Friday, 13 November 2009

The Letter "R" - Finding yourself still in Range on the cartpath, you pray for the rub of the green as you reach for the Rutter... You find rough....

Range Finder
a measuring device used to determine one's relative distance to an object. In golf, they are most commonly used to find out how far a player is from the hole.
PGAT says - A commonly used colloquial term for a hopelessly overhit shot i.e. "I know I went 50 yards over the green, I was just hitting a range finder"
the point in the downswing at which the wrists uncock. A late release (creating "lag") is one of the keys to a powerful swing.
PGAT says - Not the point at which you let go of the club, an important thing to bear in mind when coaching beginners liable to throw their club into the middle of the driving range
the grass that borders the fairway, usually taller and coarser than the fairway.
PGAT says - Usually? It's a pretty crap course that has fairways kept longer than the rough - I guess maybe Bizzaro would build a course that way, but only if Superman golfed.
Rub of the Green
occurs when the ball is deflected or stopped by a third party/object, e.g. if a ball is going out of bounds and is deflected in bounds by hitting a spectator or a tree.
PGAT says - This is when things happen unintentionally to improve what would have been a bad shot. Of course you could always attempt when in a sticky place to hit a shot off a tree to your advantag but in no circumstances does the PGA Tourist condone the use of specators as objects to ping balls off - thats Actual Bodily Harm, potentially Manslaughter
a small headed niblick for hitting the ball from a cart track.
PGAT says - See "Mashie Niblick". I have to question whether its worth having a club in your bag specifically designed to hit the ball from cart paths.

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