Monday, 2 November 2009

The Letter "Q" - Time for school...

"Qualifying School", a term used for the qualifying tournament on several major professional tours, such as the PGA Tour, European Tour, or LPGA Tour. Q-School is a multi-stage tournament (four for the PGA Tour, three for the European Tour, two for the LPGA) that culminates in a week-long tournament in which a specified number of top finishers (25 plus ties in the PGA Tour, 30 plus ties in the European Tour, and exactly 20 in the LPGA) earn their "Tour Cards", qualifying them for the following year's tour. The final tournament is six rounds (108 holes) for men and five rounds (90 holes) for women.

PGAT says - Also the training establishment for the inventors and suppliers of gadgets for the secret service agents of MI6 -particular training involves the development of weapons or gizmos which will prove to be of particular use on the particular mission the agent is now on with little or no prior knowlegdge of the situations he or she may face.

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