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The Letter "P" - At lightning pace to take par with your putter

the speed at which a putt must be struck to get to the hole. Pace and break are the two components of green-reading.

PGAT says - One half of the excellent comedy duo "Hale and Pace". No one knows which one is which, not even their mothers.

(apocryphally an abbreviation for "professional average result"), standard score for a hole (defined by its length) or a course (sum of all the holes' pars).

PGAT says- Yes, this is not the "backronym" quoted above, no. Par derives from the word "parfait" which as well as being a delicious food also means perfect. Par was originally thought to be the perfect score, the best one could possibly acheive. This was in a simpler time before Bobby Jones invented the birdie. (see birdie)

any Professional Golfers' Association, especially the Professional Golfers' Association of America.
PGAT says- Not sure why it's especially an american term, it means the same in English as in American but it can also stand for
Parliamentarians for Global Action, an international parliamentary group that engage in a range of action-oriented initiatives.
Peoples' Global Action, a worldwide co-ordination of radical social movements
Personnel Group of America (see), a company in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, providing information technology consulting and custom software development services
Potato Growers of Alberta, a farmer's trade association in Alberta, Canada
Producers Guild of America, an organization representing television producers, film producers and New media producers in USA
3-Phosphoglyceric acid (or glycerate 3-phosphate), a —Āhemical substance that is a metabolic intermediate in both glycolysis and the Calvin cycle
Polyglutamic acid, a polymer of the glutamic acid (one of proteinogenic amino acids)
Polyglycolic acid, another name for polyglycolide
Propylene glycol alginate (E405), an emulsifier, stabilizer, and thickener used in food products
Prostaglandin of the A type
amongst other things....

Slang for "flagstick"."
PGAT says- Another gangster youth term to slip into golfing parlance - it's a slippery slope

Refers to a ball on the green that is positioned along an imaginary horizontal line through the hole and across the width of the green.
PGAT says-Only good if it's roughly "On-Line" as well. Being pin high 100 yards to the right is no big acheivement

a short shot (typically from within 50 yards), usually played with a higher lofted club and made using a less than full swing, that is intended to flight the ball towards a target (usually the hole) with greater accuracy than a full iron shot.
PGAT says- the source of the slang phrase "That's pitchin'!", meaning very good, as in "Geoffrey what a wonderful shot - that's pitchin!"

Pitch mark
another term for a divot on the green caused when a ball lands. Players must repair their pitch marks, usually with a tee or a divot tool.
PGAT says- just don't dig a big hole trying to repair one, leaving the greens like a scene from Caddyshack

Plugged Lie
a bad lie where the ball is at least half-buried. Also known as a "buried lie" or in a bunker a "fried egg".
PGAT says- also see B****** lie, F***ing lie, C*** of a lie etc.

a lie where the ball is on the lip of a lake or other water hazard.
PGAT says- These lies have the ability to make even seasoned golfers look like twats.

Also see the less common Ker-plunk, where your ball lies teetering on a mesh of coloured plastic straws, making the stance a serious issue

a poor tee shot where the top of the clubhead strikes under the ball, causing it to go straight up in the air. In addition to being bad shots, pop-ups frequently leave white scuff-marks on the top of the clubhead, or dents in persimmon clubs. Also known as "sky shots".
PGAT says- A shot even complete novices can master in no time, which will stay with them forever...

Pre-shot routine
is the steps an experienced player goes through to get ready for his or her shot. It usually involves taking practice swings and visualizing the intended shot.
PGAT says- Fair enough if you're Nick Faldo or Paddy H, but if you're 16 over already, the 5 minute ritual can wear a bit thin for your mates - just get on with it and go find it in the bushes

a professional is a golfer or person who plays or teaches golf for financial reward, may work as a touring pro in professional competitions, or as a teaching pro (also called a club pro).
PGAT says- the opposite of a con, someone who teaches golf for financial reward but hasn't a clue what they're talking about, also known as deceptacons

a poor shot played severely to the left; as opposed to hooks, which curve from right to left, a pulled shot goes directly left.
PGAT says- that's right George, that was a pull, that was not just bad, that was SEVERELY bad

Punch shot
a shot played with a very low trajectory, usually to avoid interference from tree branches when a player is hitting from the woods. Similar to the knock-down, it can also be used to avoid high winds.
PGAT says- Watch Tiger play the 18th at Augusta, his second shot will usually be a fine example of a punch shot through the trees.

a shot played severely to the right; as opposed to slices, which curve from left to right, a pushed shot goes directly right. Similar to the "block". Also, term used in match play where neither competitor wins the hole.
PGAT says- Oh George, first a pull, now a push, that is also severely bad...

a shot played on the green, usually with a putter.
PGAT says- If it's not with a putter then can it truly be called a putt? answers on a postcard please...

Putting green
a green usually found close to the club house used for warm up and to practice putting.
PGAT says- The flat bit with the really short grass and a hole - where dreams of greatness are shattered

a special golf club with a very low loft that makes the ball roll.

PGAT says- the wee dabber - it's got the heaviest head so if theres burglars about, this baby will do the most damage, your three wood'll only sting him and then snap, the putter puts him down, every time...

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