Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Letter "O" - Mentioning the spot on his Open Face was deemed taboo, completely Out of Bounds

Open Face
When (in relation to the target line) the clubface is angled away from the player's body, ie angled right for right-handed players.

PGAT says - The face a player pulls when absorbed in concentration during the Open, or an expression for their state of mind e.g. "Tom Watsons Open face never waivered until the 72nd hole". Padraig 2008 - a fine example of an Open Face with that tongue sticking out thing he does.
Open Stance
When a player's front foot is drawn backwards further from the target line. Used to fade the ball or to prevent a hook.

PGAT says - Again, the particularly masculine stance adopted by a man who has or is just about to win the Open
Outward nine
refers to the first nine holes, so named as links golf courses were set up where the first nine holes went "out" away from the clubhouse.

PGAT says - your time to make up for some of the awful shots you play when you're tired on the back nine

the area designated as being outside the boundaries of the course. When a shot lands "O.B.", the player "loses stroke and distance," meaning that he/she must hit another shot from the original spot and is assessed a one-stroke penalty. Out-of-bounds areas are usually indicated by white posts.
PGAT says - for the likes of us, thsi is where we feel most at home on the golf course. We know our place...

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