Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The letter "M" - Taking a Mulligan when your Mashie Niblick's gone wrong

Mashie Niblick
Term used for a 6/7 iron in the early 1900s.

PGAT says - The numbers "6" and "7" had not yet been invented in the 1900's
a form of golf play where players or teams compete against each other on a hole-by-hole basis.

PGAT says - a la the Ryder Cup
Medal play
style of scoring in which the player with the fewest strokes wins. Most professional tournaments are medal play. Also known as "stroke play".

PGAT says - You wouldn't be the first to be disappointed that they don't hand out medals in Medal Play
Member's bounce
any favorable bounce of the golf ball that improves what initially appeared to be an errant shot.

PGAT says - Cause those canny old members know the right places to dink the ball off
Mediocre Golfers' Association.

PGAT says - The least exclusive club in Golf, you're probably already a card carrying member
A mis-read is to incorrectly discern the correct line of a putt.

PGAT says - Something to shout at your caddy about
A do-over, or replay of the shot, without counting the shot as a stroke and without assessing any penalties that might apply. It is not allowed by the rules and not practiced in tournaments, but is common in casual rounds in some countries, especially the
United States.
PGAT says - You don't get these in the UK - it's just not cricket...

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