Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Letter "I" - Take a good Interlocking grip on your Iron and enjoy the Inward nine

Interlocking grip

grip style where (for right-handed players) the pinkie finger of the right hand is hooked around the index finger of the left.

PGAT says – The best way to grip the club. There are good players who don’t use it but they are the exceptions which prove the rule. It might feel weird at first but stick with it. It keeps both arms perfectly in synch and linked.

Inward nine

the back nine holes, so named because older links courses were designed to come back "in" toward the clubhouse after going out on the front nine.

PGAT says – The way great courses should be, taking you way out into the wilderness and then you play your way back to the clubhouse, so you can’t just have a sneaky nine holes and decide to bugger off home


a club with a flat-faced solid metal head generally numbered from 1 to 9 indicating increasing loft

PGAT says – Umm, “generally”. Are there 7.5 irons out there that I haven’t heard of? Or a 6¾ iron. If there is, I want one!

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