Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Letter "H" - Mostly Golfing Handicaps, like Hazards, Hooks and hitting it off the Hosel


A calculation that makes all golfers equal on the playing surface.

PGAT says – It mean us crap players get given some extra shots each round. It’s the average of how much worse you are than good players each round.


a term used to describe a player with too much wrist movement in their putting stroke causing inconsistent putts.

PGAT says – You got to keep your hands out of your putting stroke, think of them as clamps to hold the putter, and move from your shoulders, not your wrists. Then laugh as your mates keep missing with their rubbish wristy “handsy” action…


a lie consisting of very hard turf.

PGAT says – The sort of ground that sends judders up you arms when you hit it.


any bunker or permanent water including any ground marked as part of that water hazard. Special rules apply when playing from a hazard.

PGAT says – These are to be avoided, unfortunately, you have to be able to control where you hit your ball to avoid them.


a hole in the ground which is called the cup. 4.25 inches in diameter.

PGAT says – That wee thing you want to plop your ball into…

Hole In One (Ace)

getting the ball directly into the cup with one shot.

PGAT says –


a poor shot that, for a right-handed golfer, curves sharply to the left (may occasionally be played intentionally but is difficult to control). Hooks are often called the "better player's miss", thanks to the fact that many of the game's greatest players (Ben Hogan, for instance) have been plagued by the hook at one time or another in their careers.

PGAT says – So, if you’re going to have a problem with your game, make sure it’s hooking the ball, than you can say “It’s the problem of the better players, I’m just like Ben Hogan”…


the crooked area where the clubhead connects to the shaft. Hitting the ball off the hosel is known as a shank.

PGAT says – The ball shoots off way right and you look like an inept fool. Ian Poulter likes to do this quite a lot, well he probably doesn’t like to do it, but he sure does it a lot.

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