Monday, 29 September 2008

The Letter "E" - Eagles and Explosions, that's it? There are only two E-words in golf? Suits me.

a hole played in two strokes under par.
PGAT says - I made one of these once, I hit a hopeful shot at the green, on a par four, with a six iron, just off the fairway, pretty much unsighted, using a tree behind as a target to aim at. I heard it land but couldn't find it when i got up there. I was looking in the rough when a woman called over to say it had gone in the hole. It took me a good two holes to realise it was an Eagle, people like me don't do that sort of thing. By that time the moment was gone, I was back to my usual diet of double bogeys...
a bunker shot that sends the ball, and accompanying sand, (hopefully) onto the green. Also known as a "blast".
PGAT says - the shot that Ernie Els always plays right after the commentator says "Now, to Els the in the bunker, he's probably the best in the world at these little shots". They usually go in. He's some sort of South African bunker wizard, awesome.

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